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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Why buy dribble bibs?

I remember when I first saw a baby wearing a bandana dribble bib at a NCT event. I thought they were so cool - so much more attractive than your standard baby bib. They are generally made of really attractive patterned cotton fabrics which not only look lovely but have the natural property of high absorbency. They are most commonly backed by polyester fleece fabric which is really soft for baby (as opposed to the plastic stuff that many conventional bibs are backed with) and is naturally non-absorbent so the dribble soaked up by the cotton at the front is not absorbed by the fabric directly next to baby's clothes.
Bandana dribble bib - red with white stars
Red bandana bib with white stars

I ordered my first set of dribble bibs when my baby was about three months old. She was a very possetty baby (kept bringing up little bits of milk every time she burped - and she burped often). The dribble bibs not only collected all this baby gunk but prevented me from having to change her outfit several times a day. They also stayed hanging down rather than flapping up in her face, like conventional bibs, even when she was lying down asleep. 
Bandana bib - spaceships and rockets
Bandana bib - spaceships, rockets and flying saucers
As she grew there was less posseting and more dribbling as she moved towards teething - the bibs came in use soaking up this new sort of baby gunk. They really were a great buy.

I love them so much that I started to make them. I like to use a really cute button to fasten the bibs as I adore buttons, I really believe that details count in the way you dress (even if you're a baby) and their presence give me huge satisfaction. Here are some pictures of my bandana dribble bibs

Yellow flower button fastening dribble bib

Bandana bib - agricultural vehicles

Pink bandana bib fastened with pink flower button
Pink flower button fastening gingham bandana bib

Winter snowflake dribble bib
Winter snowflake dribble bib

Dribble bib back view
Snowflake shaped button fastenings
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