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Monday, 13 January 2014

My facebook page facelift - a guided tour

My facebook page facelift ByElsieB
As a creative business owner I'm always looking for ways to reach potentional customers for the personalised cushions and bandana bibs that I make. As facebook is the biggest social network, and your facebook page almost acts as another website/storefront for your business I wanted to maximise it's potential. To help me I turned to Alicia Cowan for help and completed her e-course - giving my facebook page for my etsy shop a new year facelift! I'm thrilled with the results and thought I'd give you a guided tour of what I've got to offer.

ByElsieB facebook page screenshot
Cover photo, profile picture, tabs and about section

Here you can find a direct link to my etsy shop and lots of other information about my shop such as what products I sell, with links to where to buy them and links to places my shop has been featured.

Click on this tab to see the photos I have uploaded. The one shown on the tab cover is the one I have most recently added to my facebook page.

ByElsieB personalised cushion - JacobI have used the Etsy Theme Shop App to give access to my Shop through my facebook page. You even get a discount if you shop through this app. 
You can now read my blog through the 'Read my blog' tab on the facebook page.
Children's books and book ends

ByElsieB mailing list Facebook TabIf you click on this tab and enter your name and email address you will be emailed a coupon code to get 10% off in my shop and you will also receive a free copy of my At A Glance Gift Guide to Baby's First Year that covers all the key events in baby's first year of life giving you great ideas on what would make perfect presents at birth, baptism, Christmas and First Birthday. Alicia's training was great at guiding me through how to create this for you.

Children holding handsI've been using this app for a while. Basically, if you know someone who would love my page you can refer them directly using this app. Do you like the picture I've used for the tab button? It's my children holding hands on a winter walk. Click on the picture and refer someone who you think would like my page - a friend or your mother, sister, aunt, cousin or even grandmother!

Craft FairThis tab tells you about events in which I'm taking part. Nothing is booked at the moment - but I'm working on that! The picture will change according to the event.

Social Media tabs
ByElsieB Pinterest Facebook TabThese tabs take you to my other social media accounts so you can follow me on Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram. Which is your favourite social media platform?

ByElsieB Instagram Facebook TabI hope you've enjoyed this tour of my facebook page. Please take a look and let me know what you think. If you've got your own facebook page why not sign-up to Alicia's mailing list - she sends out some great tips every Saturday that I've found really useful. She also offers a fabulous FREE 'Burst of Brilliance' session so you can get a flavour of what it's like to work with her one on one.

ByElsieB Twitter Facebook TabTo get a fuller flavour of what you can produce when working with Alicia sign-up to my email list below to get my Baby Gift Guide (her training guided me through the creation of this) and 10% off in my shop.
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