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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas at the Leicestershire Craft Centre

Recycled paper wreath
Recycled paper wreath
Today I have an interview with Katherine, of the Leicestershire Craft Centre. She talks about how her business helps people get crafty for Christmas and her top tips for Crafting for the festive season.

How long has the Leicestershire Craft Centre been running? 

Just over a year, we opened in September 2012.

Why did you set it up? 
I wanted to do a job I enjoyed, that fitted round my children! Have always loved crafting and I had an idea!
 What do you do at the Leicestershire Craft Centre? 
Teach courses and workshops from a wide variety of crafts to adults and children. We visit schools, businesses and offer parties too.
Why is Christmas an important part of the year for your business?
It's important as lots of people like to make things for Christmas - it's also a nice thing to do with friends in the run up to Christmas.
What are you offering customers this Christmas? 
Lots of courses: make personalised gifts, making Christmas decorations, sewing a Christmas stocking, making rag rug wreaths, glass painting, recycled paper wreath, children's crafty makes, children's sewing - a party skirt. Card making and sweet trees! We also sell gift vouchers, handmade gifts and crafting supplies for people to buy. 
What has been your most popular offering this season? What would you recommend to customers from your list of courses?
Our rag rug Christmas Wreath has been very popular this year - I think because it looks a bit different and is something you can use every year.
I'd recommend our Christmas decorations course - lots of great ideas and the opportunity to make some different things that you don't buy in the shops.
What is your personal favourite Christmas creation?
Our recycled paper wreath - it is really unusual, and beautiful, yet simple to make. It can be made with sheet music or books.
Making a recycled paper wreath
Making a recycled paper wreath at the Leicestershire Craft Centre
What’s your advice to home crafters about preparing special crafty pieces for the festive season? 
Choose things that don't take too long to make! We never have as much time as we think and it gets disheartening if you don't finish things. Set yourself realistic projects that can be completed in a couple of hours. It's always great to make things that don't cost very much or are made from recycled materials - it's amazing what you can transform!
The Leicestershire Craft Centre is on the High Street in Market Harborough Leicestershire. Check out their website to see what is going on.
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  1. I love those paper wreaths!

  2. They're amazing aren't they?!