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Friday, 15 November 2013

14 before 2014

fourteen before 2014

I've been taking an online course with Lisa Jacobs of Marketing Creativity over the last few months. She's an amazing, intelligent and insightful lady when it comes to creative and handmade businesses. I have learned so much from her, and she has truly earned my admiration. She's really into goal setting and on her blog she wrote about her 14 before 2014 - the fourteen things she wishes to accomplish before 2014. As the course is now finished I thought I would narrow down my goals for the remainder of this year, and hopefully set my new year off to a great start. Here goes:
  1. Be more present with my children - I love my iPhone but I've found it a constant distraction from the world in my immediate presence. I need to learn to put it down and focus on the people around me. I'm a very naughty mummy.
  2. Have my etsy shop full of photographs I am proud of - I'm already really, really proud of my shop. I've put so much work into it over the last few months but there is still a long way to go. I have lots of ideas about how to take good, clear, light product shots but I really haven't found it easy. It takes lots of time, lots of equipment and lots of persistence. I'm getting there and this will continue to evolve and improve over time. But I'm not there yet.
  3. Build my facebook followers to 200 - I hope this, and the next point, don't sound desperate and pleading - I'm so grateful to everyone who has 'liked' my facebook page, it's a huge personal validation of what I do. However, I need to grow this number if I want my business to grow. Up to now I have let it grow organically but I feel I need to be more pro-active now. Maybe you can help me? If you think your friends would like what I do please feel free to share.
  4. Build my twitter followers to 150 - building twitter followers seems a lot easier than growing facebook followers. I've increased my number here massively in recent weeks but there is still further to go - and I'm only just beginning to understand how this social network can make a difference to what I do.
  5. Be calm about Christmas shopping - I don't like shopping. I get enormously stressed about it. The internet is an absolute god-send for me in this respect but I still get worried and indecisive about what to choose for who. I'm determined to take it gently this year and remind myself that giving is supposed to be as gratifying for the giver as it is for the receiver.
  6. Buy handmade for Christmas where appropriate - I'm going to scour etsy, folksy, Not On the High Street etc for gifts from handmade artisans to share the handmade love. I'll probably get some stuff from Amazon as well ;)
  7. Refocus on exercise - back in the summer I but more emphasis back into exercising. I downloaded 'Pacer' a pedometer app and it really focused me on walking - a type of exercise it is easy to do with young children around. My focus on this has dropped recently and I need to re-ignite it.
  8. Make my son his own Christmas stocking - you know what they say about Cobblers' children. Well my children don't get enough stuff handmade by me for them. It's a bit ironic as that's really how this business started - me making for my daughter when she was born. Anyway, my son has to have his own Christmas Stocking handmade by me by Christmas Eve.
  9. Finish the jumper I'm knitting for my daughter - this also gets neglected. It will only take a few more focused evenings to get it done.
  10. Make Christmas pudding on Stir-up Sunday - Stir-up Sunday is the first Sunday of advent and traditionally the time Christmas pudding should be made. We really enjoyed doing this as a family last year so we will do it again this year.
  11. Get a shoe storage unit for my bedroom organised - my bedroom was decorated back in the summer but there are still some finishing touches left to be done. My shoes have been living in a large cardboard box since we moved in three years ago. This needs to be remedied.
  12. Finish re-doing the copywriting for my etsy shop - I've been working on the writing that goes with my listings. It's not all quite there yet and needs to get done before the new year.
  13. Make a submission to a 'big' blog in the handmade world - this is a bit scary for me. I suppose its the fear of failure - but my shop needs exposure to a wider audience and I'm told this is a good way to get it. Wish me luck!
  14. Get the children to handmake our Christmas cards - we've planned what we're going to do. We've bought the materials. Now we've got to get the paint out and get it done.
What are your fourteen before 2014? Do you think this is a good way to get things done or is it piling to much pressure on oneself? I'd love to hear what you're hoping to achieve for the rest of the year in the comments....
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  1. I love this list!!! The Christmas pudding Stir-up Sunday was my favorite :)

  2. Thanks Lisa! And thank you for providing the inspiration and the focus of this list!

  3. very inspiring list Elsie!

  4. Lucy, did you do the year end review that Lisa had on Marketing Creativity? I did the 14 before 2014, lots of it was a list of what I'd accomplished since I started taking the course. But I did the year end review, too. I need to print parts of it and hang it on my kitchen cabinets so I don't ignore my good intentions!

  5. I've cast my eye over it but not much has reached paper yet. I only have two children and a husband but mine are a bit younger than hers and finding all that time in one block is a real struggle!

  6. I can certainly understand! I think that you could do it stretched out over days or weeks if you wanted to. I was in an introspective mood because it's clear some things need to change in my life. We'll see how that goes!!!