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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Fancy a cuppa?

Emma Bridgewater tea pot, mugs, milk jug and caddy
How are you feeling this week? I've been feeling a bit tired this week and that everything is a bit of  struggle. I'm working so hard on my etsy shop doing a course to try to improve it. I'm also fulfilling orders, running the house and looking after the children. My husband is really busy at work. Autumn has well and truly set in and that somehow makes daily tasks seem more of a struggle. Leaving the house with two little ones in the rain is fairly epic - coats, wellies, rain covers. Drying the washing is virtually impossible. Do you know what I mean?
Anyway, I had an unexpected invitation for a cuppa with a friend this morning. I played truant from the ironing and went - and it was enormously revitalising. The therapy of talk about nothing much and everything at the same time, and contact with other adults, was restorative. Sometimes the way to cope with an over-whelming to-do list is to crack on through the jobs. On other occasions you need to give yourself a little time and space to just be before you can take action.
Tea seems to have such restorative qualities for me. The ritual of making it, the gentle aroma and the comforting feel of the warm mug in my hands. I love my Emma Bridgewater mugs - they are chunky, smooth and solid. Tea doesn't seem to taste quite right from any other mug now. My favourite tea is Earl Grey which I drink weak and milky, but I recently discovered Pukka teas. I love their Night Time and Revitalise blends. The Night Time version relaxes me and seems to make me sleep better. The Revitalising one is perfect for the 1:30pm slot when The Boy is in bed and The Bug is chilling out in front of CBeebies after her busy morning at Pre-School. It revives me for whatever is due to happen in the afternoon.
Do you believe in the power of a cup of tea? What else do you do to take stock, recharge and enable yourself to crack-on?

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